All-On-4 Dental ImplantFull Arch Tooth Replacement


"I Wasn’t Feeling Comfortable, My Teeth Weren’t Good At All."

I was feeling uncomfortable, my teeth wasn’t good at all.

Wow. This is the best place for me. I'm very glad I came here.

all on 4 patient

Dr. Teresa Salem:

When James first came to our practice, he presented with a terminal dentition, so unfortunately his teeth were not going to be saved. We gave him his options for anything from a denture to an All-on-4. And James realized how significant his life would be with a new-fresh, beautiful smile that was healthy.


She was amazing, she was honest with me and she would tell me what I need to get done on my teeth. So, she was good.

Dr. Teresa Salem:

We removed his terminal dentition, that was unhealthy. We provided him with six implants and we then gave him a beautiful zirconia implant supported bridge.


I never felt anything. She made sure I didn’t any feel pain. Even when I got home, I had no pain on my tooth. It was a long process but after everything was done, it was worth it.

Dr. Teresa Salem:

James who is very, very handsome man who walked in and was really shy to smile and when he left with his new zirconia bridge, you could see him stand taller in his feet.


Wow. This is the best place for me. I’m very glad I came here.

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