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"I Chose Pearl Dental Because of the Caring Knowledgable Staff."

My wife and I chose Pearl Dental because of the professional and caring treatment provided by Dr. Teresa Salem, her team of dental experts, and her staff.

Overall, the outcome was excellent. That's why I offer my personal recommendation to Pearl Dental.

richard smiling

Dr. Teresa Salem:

Richard came in to us as a senior in our community. He was cautious, he was nervous but yet needed some dental care. He knew that he was long overdue for a cleaning. He knew that that also affects his health, and without treatment, other things could go wrong.


My first impression was that Dr. Salem is a very caring dental expert and is knowledgeable, takes the time to explain things to the patient, and reassures them of a good outcome. From the time you walk in the door at Pearl until the time you leave, you’re always made to feel welcome. That’s important to us.

Dr. Salem:

He came to us and was very, very happy and pleased with the services that he received by my team and myself.


I’ve had a number of different treatments here at Pearl Dental. One was a filling that had to be done and it was accomplished with a minimum of discomfort. Overall, the outcome was excellent. That’s why I offer my personal recommendation to Pearl Dental.

Dr. Salem:

He was very, very satisfied with the treatment that he received here.


A great smile is important for everyone today. For all of your dental needs, simple, more complex, Pearl Dental Associates can provide those services for you at reasonable costs.

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