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Dental Implants - Holbrook, MA | Scituate, MA

The Ultimate Solution to Missing Teeth

Missing teeth affect your ability to look your best, speak clearly, and eat well. With dental implants, you can replace missing teeth with prosthetics that retain the natural look of your mouth while surpassing your original teeth in terms of strength and durability. Teresa Salem, DMD uses state-of-the-art porcelain to create crowns that mimic the look and feel of your original teeth. Titanium screws allow for safe, secure attachments for both standard implants and All-on-4® prosthetics.

Why Choose Us for Dental Implants?

  • Restorations specially-made for each patient
  • Complete implant care: placement & restoration done in-house
  • Able to last for 30 years or more

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Complete Tooth Replacement: Dental implants are the only treatment that replaces both the root and crown of a tooth, which makes them much more stable and secure compared to traditional dentures and bridges.
  • Bone Retention: The new roots provided by implants also give the jawbone internal support, which prevents one of the most common and damaging symptoms of tooth loss—bone loss.
  • Unmatched Aesthetics: Implants are built just like natural teeth and are usually topped with 100% porcelain restorations that are designed to mimic the appearance of real teeth in every way. The end result is usually indistinguishable from nature!
  • Premier Function: Because implants are firmly rooted within the jawbone, patients can enjoy a wide array of foods without having to worry about annoying breakage or slippage.
  • Superior Reliability: Dental implants have an impressive 98% success rate, and with the proper care, they can easily last for 30 years or more.

Indications for Dental Implants

Dental implants can be used to effectively replace any number of teeth based on a patient’s needs. Which option would be best for you? Our team can help you choose from the following…

Missing One Tooth

After an implant root is placed into the jawbone, it can be topped with an all-porcelain crown that attaches directly to it using a small connector called an abutment. Unlike a traditional bridge, this new tooth won’t require alteration of the surrounding teeth to stay in place, better preserving a patient’s natural smile.

Missing Multiple Teeth

For patients missing three or more teeth in a row, instead of replacing them with individual implants, we can just position two implants on either side of the gap to support a bridge. Compared to regular bridges, implant bridges have a much better hold, look more natural, and can be expected to last longer as well.

Missing All Teeth

Even patients who are missing most of their teeth can benefit from dental implants. Using a few strategically placed roots, we can secure a full or partial denture directly to the jawbone, providing a hold, security, and strength a regular removable prosthetic simply can’t match.

Start to Finish Convenience

Most dental practices have to refer their implant patients to an outside specialist to have their implants placed, and this usually just adds time, expense, and stress to the process. Thankfully, the team at Pearl Dental Associates has the experience and special training needed to complete the entire procedure from start to finish, meaning patients can get everything they need in one convenient location and always work with the same dentist and team they trust.

The Cost of Dental Implants

The final cost of an implant procedure can vary quite a bit from patient to patient depending on their particular needs, such as how many teeth they need to be replaced, where they are located in the mouth, and what kind of restoration is being used. Despite this, implants are usually the most cost-effective replacement option for patients thanks to their longevity. Regular dentures and bridges typically need to be completely redone every 7-10 years, compounding their cost, while implants can often last for 30 years or more, saving a patient thousands in periodic maintenance and retreatments over time.

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