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Single Tooth Replacement – Holbrook, MA

Restoring Your Smile with Quality and Care

Did you know that 120 million Americans are missing at least one of their teeth? Many people who are missing one tooth decide to avoid getting it replaced because they don’t think it’s a serious problem. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Unlike other medical conditions that get better with time, dental issues will only become worse if they’re left untreated. A single missing tooth can lead to misalignment and even loss of your remaining teeth as well as bite problems and jaw resorption. That’s why Dr. Teresa Salem offers expert single tooth replacement in Holbrook to complete your smile and keep it healthy. Keep reading to learn why it’s important to replace even just one tooth and what your restoration options are.

Single Tooth Replacement Options

3D image of dental bridge

  • Fixed bridge: This tooth replacement literally bridges the gap to restore the visible portion of your missing tooth. This dental prosthetic is permanently attached to crowns on either side that support and stabilize it, restoring your smile’s function. It also prevents your surrounding teeth from drifting into the gap created by your missing tooth.
  • Single tooth implant: This option replaces your entire dental structure starting with the tooth root. Dr. Salem will place a dental implant into your jawbone, which is a small titanium posts that acts as an artificial tooth root. Titanium is biocompatible, so it fuses to your bone to create a permanent support. Once your implant has fully integrated into your jaw, Dr. Salem will restore the visible portion of your tooth with a custom-made dental crown.

The Benefits of Implant Supported Single Tooth Replacement

Even though there are other replacements that can restore the look and function of your smile, there are some unique benefits that come with implant-supported prosthetics:

  • Dental implants preserve the health of your surrounding natural teeth because they don’t require the removal of dental structure to place crowns.
  • Dental implants are the only replacements that provides your jawbone with the stimulation it needs to stay healthy and strong. When you lose teeth, you lose some of the stimulation that they once provided, causing your jaw to deteriorate.
  • Dental implants feel more natural than other replacements because they restore your tooth roots and the visible crown. Because the implant is rooted in your jaw, you can eat all of your favorite foods without concern.
  • The implant allows your restoration to mimic the way that your natural teeth emerge from your gums, delivering the most realistic appearance.
  • With proper care, implants can last 30 years or even a lifetime, making them a truly permanent replacement solution.

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When it comes to single tooth replacement, time is of the essence. If you’ve been prolonging the replacement of your tooth, request an appointment with our office for a consultation. During your first visit, Dr. Salem will carefully examine your smile and recommend the best replacement for you.