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The Clear Choice for Straighter Teeth

If you’re ready to do something about your smile but don’t want the spotlight shining on a mouth full of metal, Pearl Dental Associates has the solution for you. With Invisalign, you can not only achieve a beautiful, straighter smile, but you can also improve your oral health. With custom-made aligners to fit your mouth comfortably, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips to achieve a new and improved smile. To get started or to find out if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign, contact us to schedule a consultation today!

Why Choose Pearl Dental Associates for Invisalign?

  • Customized aligners designed for your dental needs
  • Late and Saturday appointments are available
  • Digital impressions eliminate the need for messy putty

How Does Invisalign Work?

A woman placing an Invisalign aligner in her mouth

Invisalign aligners are a great alternative to traditional metal braces. Not only do they offer a more comfortable and flexible treatment option, but they make it possible to see results in less time than it takes with regular braces.

During your consultation with your cosmetic dentist, you will discuss your goals as well as have digital impressions taken of your teeth. This will serve as a guide for lab technicians to build your customized aligners. It will also help us to map out your smile sequence, so you can see how your smile will progress step by step.

Once your aligners arrive, you will be expected to wear them 20-22 hours each day for 1-2 weeks. After you are finished with one set, you will move to the next one in the series. Each new set of aligners will gently shift your teeth in the appropriate direction. You can expect some minor discomfort for a few days, but an over-the-counter pain reliever can help.

Throughout your treatment, you will need to visit our office for scheduled appointments, but don’t worry, these visits will never last long, as our dentists will simply evaluate your progress and make sure everything is moving along smoothly.

Once you are finished with treatment, which, on average, can last anywhere from 12-18 months, you will need to wear a retainer to keep your teeth from moving back into their original position.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign?

A young girl with a beautiful, straight smile

The reason so many people choose Invisalign is because of its flexibility and discreetness. If you’re concerned about your appearance and how people will perceive you with a mouth full of metal, Invisalign can give you greater confidence, all while straightening your teeth and improving your oral health.

Some of the other great benefits associated with Invisalign include:

  • Nearly invisible treatment
  • Faster results achieved in less time than traditional braces
  • Clear aligners are customized to your dental needs, allowing for a more comfortable experience and no irritation to the soft tissues of your mouth
  • No restrictions as it pertains to the foods and drinks you enjoy
  • Convenience, as you will spend less time in the dentist chair because there are no wires needing to be adjusted

Am I a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

A young woman talking to her dentist

Invisalign requires a greater level of responsibility than traditional braces. The reason is that they’re removable, which makes it much easier for a patient to continually leave their aligners out of their mouth. This can delay the process and effectively, increase the cost of your treatment.

As a result of the necessary commitment and responsibility of the patient, Invisalign is best if you are an older, mature teenager or adult.

It’s also important that your oral health is in good shape, meaning you have no cavities or gum disease prior to the start of treatment. Otherwise, you will need to address these problems before moving forward with Invisalign.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

When asking this question, you should be aware that there is no “set” price tag for Invisalign. The reason for this is because each patient is different, and their needs often require different factors to be considered when formulating the cost. When meeting with your cosmetic dentist for the initial consultation, you can expect to not only learn about the Invisalign treatment process but also, what factors are included in your full estimate.

Some of these factors may include:

  • Any pre-dental work you need to have completed prior to being treated with Invisalign (i.e. periodontal therapy, filling, tooth extraction, etc.)
  • The severity of your specific dental problem
  • The number of aligners you will need to wear throughout the duration of your treatment
  • How long your treatment is expected to last

Also taken into consideration are your age and your commitment to successful treatment.

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