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TMJ Therapy - Holbrook, MA | Scituate, MA

Get Rid of Facial Pain & Headaches

Does it hurt to open and close your mouth? Does your jaw pop and click whenever you move it? Do you have chronic headaches and don’t know why? All of these issues can stem from one source—a strained or stressed TMJ (temporomandibular joint). This is the joint in your lower jaw that allows it to move in all directions, and like other joints, it can sometimes develop problems that lead to painful symptoms. Thankfully, the team at Pearl Dental Associates has the training and experience to handle these kinds of issues in-office and provide complete relief.

Why Choose Us for TMJ Therapy?

  • Able to diagnose & treat TMJ-issues in-house
  • Custom-made occlusal splints fix problems while you sleep
  • Can stop chronic jaw pain, migraines, & headaches

Diagnosis & Treatment

Model of jaw and skull bone

Issues with the TMJ can stem from strain, stress, inflammation, arthritis, or an injury to the joint. If we notice that a patient is experiencing issues with their TMJ (which we always examine at regular checkups), we will perform a number of tests and screenings to reveal the underlying cause of the pain. From there, we’ll be able to recommend the appropriate treatment, which may include an occlusal adjustment or occlusal splint.

Equilibration / Occlusal Adjustments

Woman in pain holding jaw

Often, a misaligned bite is at the root of TMJ pain because the orientation of the teeth is preventing the muscles in the face and jaw from ever fully relaxing, leading to tension and pain. To fix this, we can slightly reshape a few key teeth so that the bite comes together correctly, helping the jaw reach its natural resting position. We usually only need to remove a few millimeters of enamel to accomplish this, meaning this treatment can provide sustained pain relief without affecting the appearance of the smile.

Occlusal Splints

Grimacing woman holding cheek

An occlusal splint is a type of oral appliance that a TMJ patient wears to bed every night, and it works by slightly adjusting the jaw into a more relaxed orientation. This will allow the muscles in the area to heal, and over time, the jaw will “learn” to stay in this new, more functional position. After a few weeks or months of consistent use, a patient should be able to go throughout their day completely symptom-free.

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