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Metal-Free Restorations – Holbrook, MA

Restore Your Oral Health Without Ruining Your Smile

Whether you’re restoring dental damage or replacing a missing tooth, at Pearl Dental Associates, you don’t have to worry about choosing between maintaining your beautiful, natural-looking smile and restoring your oral health. We offer metal-free bridges and crowns that are able to flawlessly blend in with your surrounding pearly whites, making them virtually unnoticeable. For questions about our metal-free restorations, contact our office today to speak to our cosmetic dentist in Holbrook!

Why Choose Pearl Dental Associates For Metal-Free Restorations? 

  • Same-Day Porcelain Dental Crowns
  • Putty-Free Digital Impression System
  • Experienced Restorative Dentists

What Are Metal-Free Restorations?

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Metal-free restorations are an umbrella term for several different natural-looking, customized restorations. These include crowns, bridges, dentures, and even cavity fillings. In the past, dentists primarily used metal compounds to repair and strengthen teeth. However, at Pearl Dental Associates, we use gentle and customizable porcelain, ceramic, and composite resin to provide you with strong restorations that don’t attract unwanted attention to damaged and missing teeth.

The Benefits of Metal-Free Restorations

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Even though metal fillings were known to be durable, they lacked advantages in other categories, like aesthetic purposes. They also were known to leak and cause dental sensitivity, black rings around teeth, and even tooth discoloration. With metal-free restorations, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of advantages, including:

  • Natural-looking restorations made from tooth-colored materials that flawlessly blend in with surrounding teeth.
  • Long-lasting restorations that can last for anywhere from three to 15 years with the proper maintenance, depending on what type you get.
  • Made from hypoallergenic materials that won’t cause adverse reactions.

How Do We Make Our Metal-Free Restorations?

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At Pearl Dental Associates, we use the latest dental technology, like our digital impression system and CEREC to make beautiful, precisely-fitted, and high-quality crowns and other restorations in-office. Not only does this make the process of getting a restoration shorter for you, but it also allows us to have more control over crafting your restoration and making it particularly to our specifications. That way, there’s less room for errors or complications to occur. 

To begin your appointment, your dentist in Holbrook will take a digital impression of your tooth that needs to be repaired. We’ll transfer the specifications using CAD/CAM software to build a 3D blueprint of your tooth. Once that’s complete, we can use our in-house milling machine to make your crown or other restoration out of a solid block of porcelain. As soon as it’s complete, we’ll place it on your tooth and send you on your way!