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Full Mouth Replacement - Holbrook, MA | Scituate, MA

Invest in a Secure Foundation for Your Denture

Losing even a single tooth can significantly impact your quality of life and your self-esteem, but if you’ve lost all your teeth, it can be devastating. Although you may feel alone when dealing with your incomplete smile, 35 million Americans don’t have any natural teeth. If you are like most people, you’ve tried traditional dentures to rebuild your smile, they never truly felt like your real teeth. Dr. Salem can help you enjoy the next best thing to what nature gave you using dental implants.

What Can I Expect from Full Mouth Replacement?

Implant-retained denture

Several innovations over the years have improved the fit and aesthetics of traditional dentures. Digital impressions and 3D technology have minimized slipping and irritation; however, even with the best adhesive, they will always have their limitations. Securing your denture with dental implants resolves their disadvantages.

4 to 8 dental implant posts are strategically placed into your jawbone to serve as new tooth roots. This stimulates your jaw to encourage new bone growth, allowing it to fuse to the implant posts through a process called osseointegration. Your denture will have a secure foundation to permanently eliminate slipping and irritation. You can chew, speak, and smile without any worry.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Full Mouth Replacement?


An implant-retained denture doesn’t just replace the portions of your teeth visible above your gum line. Instead, they also replicate their roots. This allows you to enjoy a variety of advantages that aren’t possible using a conventional treatment.

  • Over a 95% success rate to last for several decades.
  • Looks and feels natural.
  • Regain as much as 70% of your biting force.
  • Maintain a balanced diet.
  • Eliminates slipping and irritation.
  • Preserves your jawbone’s density.
  • Supports your facial structures.
  • Easy maintenance and care.
  • Long-term, cost-effective solution.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Traditional implant-retained dentures require a multi-phased treatment process. An average of 6 to 8 implant posts are placed into your jawbone after you’ve healed from any previous treatments, like bone grafting. Once your jaw is healed, your denture is attached to the posts using abutments.

All-On-4 Dental Implants

All-On-4 streamlines the process to replace your missing teeth. 4 implant posts are placed into the thickest parts of your jaw, which can prevent the need for bone grafting. Often, your implant dentist can fit you with a temporary denture the same day as your placement surgery. You won’t need to go without any teeth while you heal.

Am I a Candidate for Full Mouth Replacement?

If you’re missing all your teeth in one or both arches, or your smile has suffered significant damage, you may be a candidate for full mouth replacement. Dr. Salem performs a comprehensive consultation to assess your oral health and discuss your preferences to create a customized treatment plan that accommodates your budget.

Invest in your quality of life with a complete smile! Schedule your consultation for implant-retained dentures today!