What Makes Dental Implants Such a Great Investment In Your Smile?

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Model of an implant in the lower jawTooth loss used to automatically mean a lifetime of wearing dentures or getting a bridge. Fortunately, dental implants came along (which are widely regarded as the best way to restore your smile) and changed everything. They offer many important advantages over bridges and dentures that help you maintain your quality of life after tooth loss. Keep reading to find out why implants are one of the best investments you’ll ever make and learn about the many benefits they provide!

What Sets Implants Apart From Other Options?

Implants have one key feature that distinguishes them from other replacement options: They replace the roots of missing teeth. This is hugely important for a couple of reasons:

  • First, it tricks your body into thinking that a tooth is still present. This stimulates the surrounding jawbone and maintains it over time, so your jawbone won’t shrink or change shape the way it will with a denture.
  • Second, a root is what gives a tooth its chewing power, so implants are able to provide unmatched stability, strength, and longevity.

How Do Dental Implants Improve Your Quality of Life?

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll get each day from dental implants:

  • Clear speech – Dentures can become loose and shift around, causing difficulties with your speech. Implants feel like natural teeth, allowing you to speak and articulate normally.
  • Chewing power – With traditional dentures, you’ll only have a fraction of your natural chewing strength. Since implants replace the roots of missing teeth, they provide far superior chewing strength and allow you to eat hard, tough, or crunchy foods with ease.
  • Increased self-confidence – No one will know you have dental implants and you won’t have to worry about embarrassing slips during a meal or conversation the way you might with dentures.
  • Versatility – Dental implants can be used for people who have lost anywhere from one or several teeth to all their teeth. Since each patient is different, the best way to find out how they’ll work for you is to schedule a consultation with an implant dentist.
  • More youthful appearance – Since you won’t lose mass in your jaws, the shape and structure of your face won’t “collapse” over time. This helps you maintain a more youthful facial structure.
  • More comfortable – You won’t have to deal with removable dentures, which means no uncomfortable, sticky adhesive.
  • Longevity – Since implants can easily last several decades with proper maintenance, they’re an investment that will pay off for a lifetime.

Ultimately, all these advantages come together to help you enjoy your life more after tooth loss!

About the Author

Dr. Teresa Salem is a general and implant dentist who has not only achieved Diplomate Status in the International Dental Implant Association but also served on the faculty. As an expert in the field, she’s able to perform the entire implant procedure from start to finish and always provides exceptional results. If you have any questions about dental implants, she can be reached via her website.

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