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Advanced Dental Implant Procedures — Holbrook, MA | Scituate, MA

Now More Patients Can Receive Implants!

The health of your jawbone needs to be considered when you get dental implants. If there’s not enough density in the bone, it won’t be able to support and integrate with the posts, leading to bone loss and implant failure. If your jawbone has weakened thanks to your missing teeth, you might still be able to get dental implants from Pearl Dental Associates thanks to advanced procedures like bone grafts and sinus lifts. Contact us to learn more about how these additional surgeries could ultimately help you repair your smile.

Why Choose Pearl Dental Associates for Advanced Dental Implant Procedures?

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  • Receive Dental Implants Even After Bone Loss

Bone Grafting

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When a bone has been diseased or damaged, a bone grafting procedure can help it rebuild itself. When it comes to dental implants, the procedure is often used to give the jawbone the extra height it needs to successfully receive the posts.

There are a few different kinds of bone grafts that employ different materials depending on your situation:

  • Autografts use tissue that’s been taken from your hip or another bone in your own body.
  • Allografts also use human bone tissue, but unlike autografts it comes from a separate donor.
  • Xenografts take bone from an animal such as a cow.
  • Alloplastic grafts use a special synthetic material.

The cells in your jawbone will start to bond to the new material and will regenerate over time. The implant surgery can be performed once there’s enough density in your jaw again. This can take several months. For the first few days after the procedure, you might need to use pain medication or ice packs to control discomfort and swelling. You’ll also need to follow a soft food diet for a while; even if you’re eating something soft, you should avoid chewing with the teeth near the surgical site.

Sinus Lifts

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A sinus lift is like a bone graft, but it’s specifically for the upper jaw. In addition to encouraging a deteriorated jaw to regenerate and regain lost height, it also – as the name implies – moves the sinuses up so that they’re out of the way when the dental implants are placed.

This procedure involves making a small incision in the gums before gently pushing your sinus membrane up and away. This leaves an empty space where the grafting material can be placed. (Like with regular grafting, you might receive an autograft, an allograft, a xenograft, or an alloplastic graft depending on your needs.) It will normally take about four to nine months for the jawbone to repair itself and for implant surgery to begin.

Note that these procedures may or may not be necessary; it all depends the current state of your jaw. (In general, the longer you wait to get implants after losing your teeth, the more jawbone density is lost.) You can trust Pearl Dental Associates to evaluate your mouth in order to determine your needs.